Thursday, January 28, 2010

What the Heck I've been up to...

Ok ok..I know that I had promised frequent updates but I've been crazy busy with a few things. First off, I have booked several group and solo shows for the next few months that will feature larger pieces of my work. This has been driving me bananas and the pressure is on to create pieces that are in my style but on a really large scale!

I was also attempting to sell my house and car and then move out of the burbs and into the bustling city (finally)...but as it stands right now, I don't think that's a possibility anymore. Long boring story, best saved for another day. Rest assured, once I am finished prep for these shows, I will rent this place out and move regardless. I really need to start accepting all that I cannot change and just move on!

Here's the event flyer for the first show (since I cannot figure out how to add the FACEBOOK Fan page). It will be a group mixed media event! There will be more details to follow on the next few shows.

How is everyone out there? Send comments and your thoughts!

xoxo with love.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010 to Everyone!

I hope that the start of this new year finds everyone happy, healthy and ready for all that this year promises to bring. I hope you all had a wonderful and Happy season with your loved ones.

I'm so sorry that I've been missing in action for the past month but I was working double time at 2 jobs while trying to squeeze some time in for family and friends as well! I did manage to get away to Detroit to see my fam for a few days but it was just not enough time together and I really miss them..

The truth is that I just haven't been able to get back into my painting. There are no deadlines looming and aside from a few mailers, I have nothing really going on. I feel unmotivated, uninspired and worst of all, unsure. I've had a few setbacks in the past few weeks and been thinking of nothing more than quitting. I feel like as hard as I much progress as I think I have made, something happens to set me right back into my place in reality. I know that I am a lot further than I was a year ago, but it still doesn't feel like enough! I just haven't been able to bring myself to log on..What does everyone do to escape the cold winter blues???

I have missed everyone though (my blogging friends that is); missed reading all the blogs and getting all your comments and feedback.

For now, I will post some GOOFY pics of my sis and bro from over the break. As soon as I get back into painting, I will post some follow up pics!

xoxo With Love