Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Magazine is finally here!!

The copies of my magazine spread finally arrived in the post today! I could not have been more excited to receive my copies of HER Magazine (New Zealand) with my 6-page spread featured in it! There is actually a tiny black and white head shot photo of me as well....I haven't been able to stop smiling since I picked it up...I'm soooo incredibly happy!

In other news, Toronto is trapped under a huge cold and snowy blanket that appears to have not let up in the past 24 hours. Sigh, now that the first official snow has fallen, I suppose it will begin to look a lot like Christmas. Although, I must say that long these harsh winters are what I most dislike about Toronto. They send me to a really dark place and I often wish that I could spend the next 6 months just hibernating in my house, not resurfacing until the blossoms of spring awaken me. I think too that because I have been so sick and then working 2 jobs while trying to keep up with my painting, everything has just fallen to the wayside. And by everything I mean, mostly my health and of course the creating of the art. I feel so bleh and uninspired at the mo and just cant seem to shake this funk. Calling all suggestions please!!

Will also be having a ETSY sale and try to get rid of some pieces lying around my studio.

Gotta run for now but will start posting paintings again really soon....

xoxo with Love.