Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quickie Post..

So as usual, I am really behind schedule and scrambling to finish up a few things and then head off to work tonight. I feel pretty crap about always taking on new and better paying commissions while the projects I have promised to friends and family fall to the wayside. It's not that I want to ignore the other ones...just that I do have to pay the bills and it's usually the bigger deals that will get my work out there and more recognition will just lead to greater things (hopefully the freedom to take on the smaller gigs and just coast)!

Meh....this is just an old sketch done in gouache and ink that I'm posting so that there's something new to see from new stuff still has to be photographed and uploaded and that will take a bit more time. I turn 35 on Sunday (not looking forward to that) but have the day off to relax and hopefully enjoy some time in the sun!

Until later.
xoxo with love.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Pet Painting

Here's just a little painting I did for a friend of mine. It was a gift for her friend and her dog. I tried to do the best I could with the likeness while still keeping my style intact! Anyhow, it's acrylic on illustration board and I think it was pretty well received by my friend..

I've been back at work these past few days as well and it's been non-stop. The next few weeks are going to be pretty much the same...paint all day, go into the restaurant and then paint all night again! I am working toward getting ready for the show in September but also trying to save money for a new Epson printer so I can start making my own prints to sell.

I also deperately need to update my website. I'm a bit weary of doing that on my own though and I don't really want to mess anything up. I'm not that great with Dreamweaver just yet!

Well that's all for now but will post some more a bit later.

xoxo with love.

Monday, July 20, 2009

And She's finally Done!

So this Queen Bee acrylic on canvas (16 x 20) is complete and ready for the BeeCause, a juried exhibition and art auction. I won't get any results till late July, but the process was definitely a challenging and fun one for me! You can check out mine and the rest of the terrific entries here at: BeeCause.

Onto other exciting news (well not really). I am starting a new project...this one is just a tiny one for a close friend of mine. Will be painting a small picture for her (a birthday present for one of her other friends), of a girl and her dog. Should be another fun project. I'm feeling a lot better these days too, so that will definitely help out the creative process.

Muchos besos...
xoxo with love.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress Report

So this is going to be another brief one. I'm back at work as of yesterday and despite the fact that I'm still battling the flu, I've had to suck it up and get right into the thick of it. It's going to be another all-nighter and then back to work in the morning!

Here's just a sneak peek at the latest...just a few more hours and Queen Bee will be reigning in all her glory. Her hair is really bugging me though and the photo is not the best quality!

xoxo with love.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wish you were here.......Love, Panda

The idea of quitting has entered into my head. For days now actually. And quite severely so, I might add. And it's really not that I am unhappy right now (well maybe not entirely), it's just that I realised that I am in for a very lonely and difficult summer.

I'm getting sick too....losing my voice.

xoxo with love.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Heeellllooo Bloggers!!

First off, HAPPY 4th to all the Americans out there! Where have I been these past few days you ask? Well maybe you didn't ask, but I will tell you anyhow! I've been at the resto every day till about 11pm and then home to paint till 6am! Que sad. It's been quite draining physically but the sun-shiny weather and the fact that I have a tonne o' work to finish before Sept, has really kept me motivated and keeps pushing me forward. Need to get paid for a few jobs but still, smooth sailing...

My house on the other hand, is a complete disaster. There is laundry to be done and dishes piled high; brushes and paint-soaked towels collecting in almost every room and stacks of unpaid bills to be tended to! Sigh, I am really in no rush (at this point) to get to any of this any time soon. All I want to do is sit in my garden and sketch away till the afternoon sun fades into the evening sky. Best of all is that I've started to listen to all my old fave tunes again. Music like Corinne Bailey Rae, Adele, and of course, Missy Higgins.
Really lovin it...just reminds me of summers almost 3 years ago now. I'm also excited because one of my best friends will be back in town on Monday. Can't wait to see her: a much-needed night on the town for dinner and a late movie. It will be a welcome change of pace!

Anyway, this little sketch in my notebook turned into an epic full-day Photoshop project. I need to really work on my speed from now on. From the looks of things, at my current rate of completion, I may never see an end to all this..

xoxo with love.