Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quickie Post..

So as usual, I am really behind schedule and scrambling to finish up a few things and then head off to work tonight. I feel pretty crap about always taking on new and better paying commissions while the projects I have promised to friends and family fall to the wayside. It's not that I want to ignore the other ones...just that I do have to pay the bills and it's usually the bigger deals that will get my work out there and more recognition will just lead to greater things (hopefully the freedom to take on the smaller gigs and just coast)!

Meh....this is just an old sketch done in gouache and ink that I'm posting so that there's something new to see from new stuff still has to be photographed and uploaded and that will take a bit more time. I turn 35 on Sunday (not looking forward to that) but have the day off to relax and hopefully enjoy some time in the sun!

Until later.
xoxo with love.

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