Monday, February 22, 2010

Think days @ Starbucks

Lately I have been spending my free time thinking about the paradigm for my success..mainly as an artist but also pertaining to life in general. I'm not sure what it is about Starbucks; their coffee, ambient music and atmosphere..don't know for certain. Yet somehow they always send me into a deep pensive state that I rarely recover from. I mean I have had an unusual amount on my mind as of lately but still, this is pathetic even for me.

Right now my reality is as follows:

*working a part time job with no benefits
*making art but not garnering enough attention
*not making the cut at my local (small-town) gallery
*making some sales but not enough to move me into a penthouse loft with studio in Paris
*Dying with a studio full of art that gets thrown out when the new tenants come to clean out the space

Cue the violins now! OK,'re all sick of hearing me whine but I mean with all the latest setbacks coupled with my less-than-lacklustre-love-life, I feel tragically lost. least I will always have Photoshop. I have decided (at least temporarily) to revert back to my old familiar style of cartooning with a strong emphasis on fashion and put gallery shows on hold.

How's that for spotting a small rainbow through the READERS please don't give up on me yet!

xoxo with Love.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brief Snippit...

I'm trying to decide on a bicycle at the moment and after shopping around used bike stores and online markets for something special..I think I may have found something!
It's vintage and blue and all it needs is a bell and a basket.

I will hopefully pick it up later tonight, um before buyer's remorse sets in that is. Your thoughts on this one please?

xoxo with Love.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day after Valentines...

I hope everyone had a great Valentines day! Mine was pretty interesting to say the least. I'm attempting to get out into the dating world again and have put my profile up on one of those online match-up sites. You really get quite a few "interesting" characters on these sites and I'm just not too sure how much longer I will let myself be one of them! It just seems as though you are meant to put your best foot forward so that initial matches can be made and then once you meet the person in the flesh (no pun intended!) ...they are not at all who/what their profile said they were. Sigh...back to the drawing board I guess.

Regardless, I had HUGE computer issues these past few weeks..I'm talking my entire system was wiped more pictures, no scans..all original files LOST!! It was traumatizing and I was devastated but lesson learned: Always back-up your work! Everyone seems to know and do this (except for me of course). I'm not sure how but somewhere along the line, I never seemed to have got that memo..You think I would have learned my lesson from how often this happens. So now its daily installations of all programs and software in an attempt to recreate my machine as it once was!

So this is something that I worked on for a gentleman's wife and kids for Valentine's Day..hope they liked it. It's not the best photo since my scanner is also kaputz but you get the idea.

xoxo with Love.