Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The start of all things shoes..

So sorry that I have been MIA for so long but after that last art show, I've been scrambling with picking up extra shifts at work and trying to keep up with my commissions on the side. I'm exhausted (what else is new) and I was supposed to set up for a solo show this weekend but I'm terribly behind and so that will have to wait till after Thanksgiving (Canadian date). For the next little while, I will be posting scans of my "SHOE" series of paintings. Actually, I may throw in some dresses on mannequins into the mix, but for the most part it will be just shoes! FUN, FUN, FUN!

Hope you are all well out there in Blog land..I will start to post on a regular basis from now on.

xoxo with love.

2 Charming Replies:

Cheryl Lynn said...

Now you are on my turf. These are SLAMMIN'. And so beautifully rendered. YOU ROCK, Girlie! I know you're exhausted, but you are so incredibly talented, it's scary.

Have a great evening.

K said...

I agree 100% Cheryl Lynn! This painting is GORGEOUS!!! Who doesn't love a leopard print pump?!?!? I hope you are taking care of yourself in the mix of all your busy-ness! xoxoxo