Friday, May 28, 2010

For Dana..

So kids, I've been missing in action for a while now but I must say that I have been a bit busy and uh enjoying the wonderful Toronto heat waves. Plus its been a month of excellent TV (FRINGE and LOST finales...don't worry no spoilers here) to catch up on and along with painting and of course the eternal job hunt...that's been all my days done up to now!

I did a little something for a writer friend of mine over in Cali that I think she will use for her business. I was quite happy with the outcome and hope to do much more work for Dana in the future. We already have another fun project in the works...details to follow soon!
You can catch up with her and all her writings at Dana Martin Writing.


xoxo With Love.

4 Charming Replies:

Kolleen said...

you already know how i feel about this awesome creation!!!

L O V E!!!

happy friday sweet one!

Melissa said...

Love it, of course! How could I not?!

Janine said...

Dear charmain, this is so lovely, and so was the one before too.
I really love your style.
Have a great sunday

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hey Girlie! This is FABULOUS! I love the color and the detail. I'm sure your friend was well pleased with this one. Great job!

I'm wishing you well on the job hunt. I have a new fashion illustration blog called POSITIVELY LOVELY! Take a peek when you get a chance.