Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy End of the Month Everybody!

I love that feeling of early summer mornings, when you wake up with the sun streaming through the curtains and those early morning breezes come through the window and whisper in your ear. The serenity of stumbling through the quiet house, into the kitchen to brew that perfect pot of coffee and begin the's heaven to me. I spend the next hour or so enjoying that coffee while perusing through interesting food, photo and art blogs. Some of these are so captivating that I'm off in another world for ages. It's just the reality of all my own projects looming that quickly draws me back to life..

Today I'm off work and not due back into the restaurant till Wednesday. I'm so thankful for that and will spend the next few glorious days painting and enjoying what is left of the Toronto summer.

On another note, I had some of my art up at a gallery/co-op in town. When I went in to check on what had been sold, they informed me that they "lost" one of my pieces and had no record of it at all. Can you imagine that happening?? I am so pissed off right now and will have to figure out how to deal with them later. In the meanwhile, I promptly removed the remaining pieces and took them with me!

Just a really quick sketch for you. Playing around with some ideas. The hair on her is really a disaster....

xoxo with Love

5 Charming Replies:

Cheryl Lynn said...

Happy end of the month to you too, my dear. Her hair a disaster? Not so much, to me. I like the colors and her facial expression.

You have a wonderful week, my dear.
Happy drawing!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hey, I forgot to comment on the crazy people that missplaced your artwork:( What is THAT?! I would be extremely angry too, I don't blame you for removing the rest of your work.

I hope they recover it, but quick!

Have a great one.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I think you did a wonderful job on her. Stop that!! You are doing a wonderful job on your own work!!!! It's you and YOU are working it out. I'm so sorry about the crazy people! What on earth happened??? Did they find your work! I have to tell you about a story about my work. It's a whole long story and I can't tell you over net. This requires a phone call.
love you much

melissa said...

I don't think you could create a disaster if you tried. Your work is beautiful. By the way you won the give away on my blog! Please let me know where to ship.

Mostly though, I am so incredibly sorry that someone was careless and lost an original piece of art. How could they... tomorrow will be better.

Midnight traveller said...

How did I not find your blog earlier? It is fantastic. I'm adding you to my links list!! xoxo