Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heellooo out there!

I'm just posting a quickie much to do and so little time! There's not much of any "arty" updates at the mo, most of my new stuff is currently at the printers so I'll have some prints for my show next week. I also will try to get those framed and matted so they look a bit better.

On another note, I have decided (with much encouragement from my 7 readers)to post a bit more about personal stuff. I mean how can an artist truly write about their journey without discussing the trials and tribs of their every day life, right? It may be nothing fantastic, but perhaps a bit more regular and hopefully I can entice more followers!!

These photos were taken a few weeks ago at my birthday dinner/night out. My close friends Sheila and Linda are in the pics. I think we were dancing to MJ in the second one..such good times! Oh those crazy kids...

My thought this morning by the way, was that the only thing that I always know for sure is that I have's an absolute certainty.

xoxo with love.

1 Charming Replies:

K said...

i am one of your followers and think your artwork is excellent!!! glad to hear about your personal life too! please stop by my blog sometime...not sure if you have visited or not! best of luck on your show next week! i am certain it will be a big doubt there! : )