Friday, September 11, 2009


Today has been a really crazy day. I have 2 seconds to post so this is a short one. I'm at an Internet cafe and unable to upload any pics till I get home. I was in a car accident earlier this afternoon. It was completely scary...I was in the passenger seat and another car came out of nowhere and plowed right into us. She hit us directly on my side and we spun onto oncoming traffic. No one was hurt luckily but the cars are totalled and it's pretty safe to say that my friend and myself will have horrible whiplash in the days to come..

Well, I have the night off from work as a result and will spend the evening with my easel and coffee instead!

xoxo with love.

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K said...

Charmaine...oh my goodness. Sounds VERY scary. i am so glad no one was hurt. Take care of YOU!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOOOH My goodness!!!! Oh girl I hope that and your friend are alright and did you go to the ER???? Oh please go if you haven't gone already!!! Please don't take any chances my love. Please go to the Dr. ASAP! I'm just please that you are okay and able to write about it. OMG! I'm so concerned about you. I might have to bring you here to Jersey!!! Have you called your parents??? I know they must be having a fit right now. I will try to call you later today. You should be home and doing nothing. Not even painting right now. Rest! I mean it!!!! Rest.
Love you and praying for you.

Alexiev said...


Best wishes from Buenos Aires...


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Janine said...

Dear Charmain, your website is really good and I love your studio.
Wish you a wonderful weeek