Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sick Again!

I'm not sure if I am sick once more or just have never really gotten over the flu from weeks ago when I had it. Regardless I must push through the congested haze that is my mind, and finish 6 more pieces by next Saturday! Am I mad, you ask? Well yes...definitely so. By my calculations, that is 9 short days left. So this is just a post to let everyone know that I haven't forgotten you and that I will be updating with pics for my show next week!

I've also updated my website (finally), so feel free to wander over there as well:

Here's a snapshot of something I'm working on at the mo. Will upload the finished piece tonight....(hopefully).

xoxo with love.

4 Charming Replies:

Cheryl Lynn said...

This piece looks like it is going to be wonderful! I'm so sorry you're sick. I hope you get better soon. But you're a trooper, that's for sure.

Congrats on your show, my dear and feel better.

Midnight traveller said...

That is a freaking awesome picture. I can't wait to see it finished!!:-D Hurry up already!

Oh and feel better xo

K said...

feel better sweety! Lots of water, water, water! And of course TRY to get some rest inbetween creating! I cannot wait to see the finished piece...looks amazing so far! xoxoxox

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh My goodness!!! Sounds truly like you hadn't really gotten over what you had. This nasty thing really requires rest. I mean off your feet and stay in bed rest. We have been taking vit-C crystals every single day. Washing hands like crazy. I can't afford to miss a day. Please get your rest beautiful! We need you around here YOU KNOW???? Please get some rest! Congrats on the show though! YAYYYYYY! REST! love you,