Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well it has finally arrived, the art show that I have been preparing for this past month! As I write this quick post, I have about 15 pieces that I will be selling this weekend ...I had planned for much more but time was of the essence and quite frankly, never on my side. Regardless, I am quite content with my collection and will possibly try to squeeze the below unfinished canvas in on Sunday.

In the meanwhile, my parents are in town for the show and my sister will be joining us tomorrow as well. We will also be celebrating Mom and Sis' birthdays so all in all a great weekend, um whether or not I sell anything!

Will post pics from the show on Monday. Here's also one of the newer acrylics I will be selling.

Unfinished ->

<- Completed

xoxo...with love.

5 Charming Replies:

K said...

such beautiful work! BEST OF LUCK to you at the will SELL, SELL, SELL! enjoy the time with your family too! happy happy bdays to your mom and sis

Kaili said...

Beautiful style Charmaine. Best of luck with the show, it will be so much fun!

Jolie Dennison said...

I am loving these!!! Best of luck at your show.

Cheryl Lynn said...

The work is gorgeous and congratulations on the show. I know you'll do wonderfully and your show will be a great success.

Such talent will not go unnoticed.

Have a great weekend.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wonderful pieces and such a interesting style/color. Love the feel of them. I hope that your show went well.