Monday, November 30, 2009

New on ETSY

These past few days have been pretty horrible for me. I have been so incredibly under the weather and finally had to give in and take some much needed time off to recoup and just relax. I think the worst of the flu may finally have passed but it has left me feeling slightly weaker than normal.

Anyway, I have to really get back into painting and adding new stuff to my site and getting ready for the holidays etc. I have added a few more $25 Limited Edition Prints to my ETSY store and also dropped some prices on some of the originals, just in time for some great XMAS presents! I will be adding new prints to the site as soon as I receive them so keep checking back..

I entered a competition a while back for an Ontario winery. They were looking for local artists to feature on the labels of their wines and I made it to the short list of finalists! I really hope that I am one of the 12 winners selected for the bottles but it has been really great getting the nod up to this point. Can you imagine one of my "ladies" gracing a label on a bottle of vino?? How fun would that be! Check out mine and the other finalists at the FACEBOOK Fan Page for HILLEBRAND Winery Artist Series. Some of the comments are a bit harsh but I suppose that's to be expected in this sort of competition!

Until a bit later then...
xoxo with love.

3 Charming Replies:

Kolleen said...

hey you!!! i am so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...i hope today finds you much better!!!
i am SOOOOO excited for you and this competition. i do not see AT ALL how they wouldn't choose one of your gorgeous ladies!! i cannot wait to hear about the outcome and am sending all kinds of positive goodness your way!!

and yes...i totally checked out the songs you sent me and loaded several of them on my playlist. love Augustana and Ben's Brothers...good stuff!! Thank you!! Any more??

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hey Girlie. Hope you are feeling better. You seem to have so much on your plate, and then to have to contend with illness just doesn't seem fair.

I visited your etsy store and wow, I love the work you have for sale. I'm not surprised that someone bought that print of those beautiful shoes you painted.

Congrats on making the short list for the winery contest. You peacock is absolutely stunning.

I hope you have a great week, my dear.

Kolleen said...

hope you had a good weekend and are feeling MUCH better! i left you a little "shout out" on my blog friday...thank you for inspiring me!