Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm not 100 percent sure how this came about, but I am one of the artists featured on Diane Kennedy's fab blog Blossom Style. It's basically a Graphic and Website Design Boutique dedicated to creating beautiful graphic design that is stylish, chic and girly for print and the web. It is right up my alley and I really cannot wait to work with Diane and her clients in the future!(scroll down on her blog for my bio and images..)

I entered an online art competition ages ago and the results are in finally. And while I am not a finalist, I suppose I should be happy with an honourable mention commendation. Over 12,000 images were entered for international judging and only 40 artists were selected for the final stage of this competition. There were only 50 commendations in the end so I think it was still an honor to be considered. The magazine will be out in publication in December! Check out the site and details about the competition at Aesthetica Magazine.

Until Later,
xoxo with Love

3 Charming Replies:

Kaili said...

Congratulations Charmaine! These are both wonderful achievements! You deserve the accolades :)

Kolleen said...

what do you mean you are not 100% sure how this came about...your art is AAAAAA MAZING!!!!
you SO deserve it!!!!!


Kolleen said...

it's me again...left you a little something on my blog today - check it out when you get a sec!