Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight New Moon

Today is the darkest rainiest day ever and it seems fitting since I'm heading to a double feature screening of the Twilight movies tonight! New Moon opens at Midnight so that should be fun! I haven't really been a die hard fan or anything and haven't even seen the first movie. Tonight I will hopefully see what all this fuss has been about.

In honour of vampires and the dark arts, I have started this small shoe painting (very rough still). I should hopefully have it finished by tonight if all goes as planned...but uh when does that ever happen! Lots of coffee in prep for this evening, although since I am quite the insomniac, staying up till all hours shouldn't really be an issue. Speaking of vampires......

xoxo with Love.

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Cheryl Lynn said...

THAT is a beautiful painting and a beautiful shoe! I just love your shoe paitnings, my dear. They are meticulously rendered with good detail and the colors are fantastic.

Have fun tonight at the premier. I'm sure you'll be a show stopper yourself!

Kolleen said...

ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!! I have read all of the books and of course seen the movie...but I am going to wait it out on heading to the theatres...i don't know if i have the patience right now (today) to deal with all the screaming love struck teenage girls!!! i am thinking you will get what all the fuss is about though!
LOVE your show painting...but then again, i LOVE all of your paintings!!!!!! you talented wonder!! you watch Vampire Diaries??? it's a good show with some pretty damn cute guys on it!!
also....THANK YOU SO MUCH for the list of music passed on to me...going to check them out!!

Kolleen said...

you know..i meant SHOE painting!
i think i am in need of more coffee!!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh they hurt my feet and I ain't even got them on yet!!! This is completely and utterly delicious and my style girly!!! How awesome and wonderful are your shoes??? They make me want to go shopping like today!!! he heh e he!! How are you doing??? Cause it looks as if you my dear are doing well. I love this post and I saw the other shoes too. Love it. You are going to blow the place up with all your super stuff. Amazing honey bunny!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! hugs and kisses to you and wishing you the very best holiday!

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this is just a test!