Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Drama with Photoshop

Unlike every other illustrator on the planet, I am incapable of mastering the art of Photoshop. I just can't seem to get it to work out in my favor...well not easily anyhow. Not without cursing at the computer and throwing the drawing pen at the screen and slaving over a tiny iluustration for an entire day! I surf the net and see hundreds of artists posting elaborate renderings that they have created in a few hours. How is this possible I wonder? I find using any of the ADOBE software challenging and it takes me a really, really long time to get an illustration down once I've scanned it in. And I'm still never satisfied with it. My end goal is to create a comic strip or cartoon of some sort with the main character that resembles me! But at this current rate, how many years will this process take me? Hee hee...

So here is a mock up of what I'm thinking so far about the "me" character...let me know what you think!

xoxo with love

1 Charming Replies:

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I think she is really beautiful and very charming!!! I just started working with photoshop and only because lots of the stuff I now do require me to do so. Please stop being so darn hard on yourself. You are a self taught artist for pete sake!!!! If you could teach yourself how to draw then photoshop is just something else to aspire to learn as well. I have been looking into online tutorials for things I want to learn how to do. I was also thinking about taking a course or two in photoshop at a local high school or college. If money is the issuse, then by gosh do see what is out here online and watch it over and over and over again until it sticks. Give me a call later. Take Care