Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For Vanessa....

I needed some direction and as always, some inspiration. Sometimes I can get so down on myself and on life that I get lost in the misery of what usually seems like an average everyday situation that a normal person wouldn't even blink twice at. But of course, it never is normal for me and all I need is to hear some encouraging words or feel a loved ones supportive arms around me. But last week I would have settled for either of those, maybe even less. And then I met someone over the Internet. Another artist whose story was quite unlike mine but somehow vaguely similar and she actually reached out a hand to help me.
I've never blogged about my past; my marriage; my loves; my life..none of that. I just wanted to start from scratch and focus on art and so it was refreshing to get all the words of wisdom and advice from Vanessa. She is warm and above all, wise! Please check her out at: http://oohlaladesignstudio.blogspot.com.
Vanessa is truly fabulous, sweet, and one of those rare, really kind people that you only meet once in a lifetime.

So, this FALL GIRLS illustration is for her!

xoxo with love

2 Charming Replies:

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Why you want to make an old lady cry! Oh this is so beautiful and I am so very touched by your kindness my friend. Thanks so much for your very kind words. May the Lord add a blessing to you and your creativity for your kindness towards me. You are headed for greatness I can tell. It's not without pain and disappointment. These are the things that make the trip more exciting. Keep your head up and moving forward! Thanks again beautiful Lady from the bottom of my heart!
Hugs and kisses

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

by the way, the girls are DIVIALICIOUS!!! I just love them to pieces. And since my birthday is Oct 3 this is perfect!!! You Rock girly!!!