Monday, April 20, 2009


I used to have a completely different style of painting. I mean for a short while, I tried out some home-decor, around-the-house type of stuff. So I had all these mini 4x4 canvasses for the bathroom and for the kitchen etc. They were fun and sold well enough at craft shows, but I got a bit tired of that particular mode. So I decided to switch it up a bit. Anyhow, from time to time, I do get bored and restless of what I am working on and will switch back and forth between several different projects. This often leaves me with heaps and piles of unfinished canvasses just lying around my studio! These are just a few examples from that phase:

Well, my goal for the next few months (more like years really), is to be able to generate enough freelance work for myself so that I am able to travel and paint from anywhere in the world. That way, I am not tied to Toronto, or my house and my little studio for any extended period of time. It's all coming together very slowly but surely....I'm so excited!!

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