Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Work Rant

I despise working. Correction, that emotion is specific to my parttime job. Typically, I only work a few nights a week, but those few hours have given me some of the worst stress and anxiety ridden panic attacks of my life. There is one person in particular who works there who physically makes my stomach turn every time I think of her. She’s condescending, rude; she berates and belittles me on a daily basis: she’s just outright mean. Honestly, I wonder how people like that have come so far in life, treating others with such little respect. It’s a wonder she’s not fearful for her safety, lest a disgruntled ex-employee should come in, go all nuts up in there and she eats it. (Hmm, that was a bit too dark).


The clock is ticking and my mind is full of things that I want to start, resume or finish but I seem to be at a roadblock. I am the constant procrastinator and I have about a hundred unfinished or barely started projects. I sometimes feel that my current economic crisis has rendered me unfocused and disinterested in everything. All I can think about are the things that I need or want to accomplish and yet all I seem to do is make lists and imagine what I should be doing instead of actually just doing them.

Anyhow, will upload some progress pics of some new paintings.

Till then...

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