Friday, April 17, 2009

My Own Illustration Friday

So I've never participated in IF before and as soon the topic gets e-mailed around this afternoon, I will get right on it! They are usually quite intriguing but I've never bothered to actually sit down and submit anything that I've done. So we'll see if I can work with today's topic.
I'm posting some photos of a series of paintings that I have created for a local eatery in town. The owners are Penny and Chad (also the Chef), so I tried to make these 2 particular pieces a little more fun and geared specifically toward each of them. I really hope they like what Ive come up with...they haven't actually seen any pf the finished pieces and I'm having them uh framed and matted before their approval! Well, they let me have creative control, so I ran with that.

Anyhow, off to work right now. It is sooo incredibly lovely and warm out here this afternoon that I really just want to hang out on my patio and enjoy the sun. Instead though, I will spend the rest of the day holed up at the restaurant serving beer and ribs....

XOXO with love

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